Emma Phillips,
Send me a lullaby (2021)

Perimeter Books x PHOTO 2021

Send me a lullaby is a love letter to a city undergoing immense change, created during a period of both urban transformation and global upheaval. Emma Phillips was commissioned by Photo Australia to make a photographic portrait of Melbourne in the lead up to PHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography. The resulting project – published as the first book in the PHOTO Editions series and launching at PHOTO 2021 – is a reflection on connection, navigation and time, and the constantly evolving relationship between people and place.

Phillips’ photographs contemplate urban, domestic and psychological space. Weaving into this series are portraits of people Phillips has come across in Melbourne, capturing a living, breathing city as it responds to the fallout of bushfires and a pandemic. These disparate photographs taken across different seasons construct a dialogue between some of the city’s component parts – homes, shops, parks, streets – with archaeological objects from beneath the city, offering myriad stories to uncover and tell.

Send me a lullaby will be launched at PHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography, taking place in Melbourne and regional Victoria from February 18 to March 7, 2021. The PHOTO 2021 Photobook Weekend takes place February 27–28.

48 pages, 28 x 20.8 cm, hardcover, Photo Australia x Perimeter Editions (Melbourne).

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Ryan Cookson,
Tell Them About Me (2021)

Knowledge Editions

Tell Them About Me is the photographic series by Ryan Cooksonexploring car culture in Soweto and the surrounding areas of Johannesburg, South Africa.
In the late 1980s, BMW’s E30 models, specifically the 325i, became notorious through its association with criminal culture. These cars – known locally as ‘gusheshe’ – were often spun in circles both as an expression of skill, and as means of honouring the dead at funerals. By the early 1990s, this expression of gangster flamboyance morphed into a motorsport championed by the South African people – and it’s still practised in the throughout the country today.

Inspired by amateur videos of car spinners, Cookson traveled to Johannesburg twice – once in 2016 and again in 2017 – to document the participants of this unique motorsport. The resulting images offer a rare glimpse into this subculture. The publication also features a 24 page research archive of stills taken from amateur videos and a dual-purpose book jacket that folds into a 50 x 70 cm poster designed by New York-based artist Hassan Rahim.

180 pages, softcover, 22.5 x 18 cm, Knowledge Editions (Melbourne)

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Sarah Pannell,
Tabriz to Shiraz (2019)

Perimeter Editions x Hillvale

Tabriz to Shiraz is the major book project by Melbourne-based photographer Sarah Pannell. The publication draws on a vibrant series of photographs taken during her travels through Iran in 2016 and 2017, which saw her navigate vast stretches of the country. On her first visit, she travelled from the capital, Tehran, north to Qazvin and west to Tabriz, south to Isfahan and Shiraz, and east to Kerman and Yazd, while on her second trip she explored regions such as the Gilan Province, which borders the Caspian Sea, and Kurdistan in the mountainous region bordering Iraq.

Beyond that of a mere travelogue, the book assumes a position that flits between the poetic, intimate, incisive and playful in its un-layering of contemporary Iran’s visual, cultural and architectural languages and subjectivities. Across photographic modes spanning portraiture, landscape, architecture and impromptu formalism, Pannell offers a series of vantages on a place that proves at once familiar, foreign and happily jarring in its multiplicity.

Sarah Pannell (b. 1988, Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian documentary photographer whose work concerns culture, landscape, tradition and community. Travelling regularly, Sarah’s work observes how a landscape is marked by both history and accelerated modernisation, capturing the tension between these different influences and the result when past and present collide.

64 pages, 27 x 21.5cm, singer-sewn with hardcover, Perimeter Editions & Hillvale (Melbourne).

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Michael Thomas,
Night Works (2016)

Shot by Michael Thomas between 2012-2015, this is Thomas’ first publication release. Opening essay by Daniel Boetker-Smith of Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive / Photobook Melbourne.

We Saw It Before You (2014)


92 page, 21.6 x 18.0cm, full colour, perfect bound, soft cover book featuring a selection of 50 photographs from the first year of Hillvale. Edition of 250.

Photographs by Max D’orsogna, Ryan Cookson, Sarah Pannell, Kirrilee Bailey, Hilary Sloan, Henry johnson Adelina Onicas, Luke Pownall, Jason Hamilton, Jack Shelton, Ché Parker, Jayden Reynolds, Maxwell Finch, Jessica Brent, Jack Harries, Matthew Stanton, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Streety, Luke Byrne, Sophie Gearon, Anthony Robinson, Caitlin Molloy, Emma Perry, Simon Aubor, Bec Capp, Mitch Pinney, Paul John Nelson, Lloyd Stubber, Timothy Hillier, Sam Wong, Ben Clement, Michael Danischewski, Joel Bouchier, Ed Gorwell, Nusha Gurusinghe, Damien Melchiori, Kresimir Saban, Nick Wilkins, Charlie Brophy, Luke Van Aurich, Madeline Burke, Jay Dymock, Kristina Arnott, Red Stevenson, Yasmin Nebenfuhr, Nicholas Hawker, Andrew Johnson, Morgan Hickinbotham, Nadia Mizner, Michael Thomas.